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Photo of a dassie (hyrax) on table mountain

Photo of a dassie (hyrax) on table mountain in South Africa

When we went to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, there were a few dassies bouncing around. These furry little creatures look like rodents, but are actually small mammals, also called hyraxes. They grow to be about 30cm to 50cm, and I think this one was about 30cm because I remember thinking it was about the same size as a 12" record. The hyrax is found in rocky habitats across South Africa. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, there are fossils from 30 million years ago of dassies as big as a modern horse, and the closest living relatives are animals like the elephant, manatee and dugong.

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a dassie (hyrax) on table mountain
Location:South Africa
Camera:Canon SLR film camera plus Nikon negative scanner
Date (GMT):
Original size:4030 x 2630 pixels
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