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Sydney Opera House, Australia

Scroll down for my photographs of the unmistakable Sydney Opera House in Australia. Side-on it reminded me of an armadillo. It's a remarkable sight and strangely moving if you've travelled from the other side of the world to see it. These photos were all taken using a film camera on a clear day without any filters or post-processing.

While in Sydney, I also visited the Blue Mountains and climbed up the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In my photo, you can just about make out a clump of climbers. If you get a chance to do the bridge climb, take it! It's exhilarating.

I also visited the Chinese Friendship Garden in Darling Harbour, which offers a serene respite from the bustle around it.

For aerial views of these locations, see my world photography map.

My most popular photograph of Sydney Opera House
A tall ship in Sydney harbour
The windows at the front of the Opera House
Looking up the steps at the 'snail shells'
Another shot up the steps
Sydney Harbour Bridge peers over the steps
Light reflecting on the window
Detail of the tiles
Such fantastic sky
The skyline of Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour Bridge - climb it if you can!
The Chinese Garden in Sydney Harbour
The Blue Mountains, a short ride from Sydney


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