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Sean's 3DML world

To see this 3D website, you'll need to have Flatland Rover installed. Look at the screenshots to see what you're missing.

Prefer to see this at full screen size?

What's this world about?

It's a demonstration of a simple maze game which could be made using 3DML. It's just a space to explore really, but if you're looking for a goal, try to get into the garden. Should only take you a few minutes, but hey - don't rush it. Enjoy the view.

How was this 3D world made?

This 3D world uses Flatland's 3D markup language 3DML. I'm using the basic, basic2 and village blocksets provided by Flatland and I've added some of my own images to objects.


Screengrab of Sean's 3DML World

Screenshot of Sean's 3DML World

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