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Making music with Scratch and Sonic Pi: Note names and numbers

Sean McManus, co-author of Raspberry Pi For Dummies, shares an infographic that shows the note numbers for making music on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi comes with Scratch and Sonic Pi, both of which can be used to make music. Scratch is a visual programming language, and you can use it to make simple melodies. Sonic Pi is a programming language that enables you to write richer music, combining samples and synthesisers. For both, you need to know the numbers of the notes you want to play, so I've put together the table below to use as a quick reference.

This reference chart is handy whether you want to program a tune you already know on the Raspberry Pi, or just want to make sure you're using notes that are in tune with each other in your own music.

Raspberry Pi Scratch and Sonic Pi note numbers.

Feel free to share the infographic with your social networks, Code Clubs and classes. If you click it, you will see just the image, which will make it easier to print out.

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