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Photo of Nelson's Column, London

Photo of Nelson's Column, London in London, UK

This photo of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square was also taken in April 2010 when flights were grounded due to the Iceland volcano. The skies are blue, there are no planes or vapour trails, so the conditions were perfect. I used a zoom lens to capture this close-up of Horatio Nelson and it gave me a completely different view of the statue. From the ground, unaided, it's hard to see its detail. This photo appeared in my book Microsoft Office for the Older and Wiser. I used it as an example image in the chapter about creating party invitations, with the text superimposed on the right. I quite like the composition of this shot, with so much blank space to the right of it, in part because the blue colour is so vibrant. This shot is as it came from the camera - I haven't edited the colours or shape. A nice reminder that we do sometimes see blue skies like this in London.

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Nelson's Column, London
Location:London, UK
Camera:Canon EOS 450D
Date (GMT):18/04/10 12:27
Original size:4272 x 2848 pixels
Copyright:©Sean McManus


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