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Stock photos of London, UK

I'm lucky to call London my home city, and I've taken many photos there over the years. Here are some of my favourite photos of London landmarks and London events, including photos of the Olympic Park from London 2012. I plan to add to this gallery over time as I take more photos.

If you'd like to download, embed or license any of these pictures, please contact me first. Feel free to ask me too if you're looking for more high quality photos of London, UK. I have lots of great photos in my stock picture library that aren't online.

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the Olympic Stadium

the Olympic Stadium

wild flowers in the Olympic Park

the blimp at the stadium

the Olympic ring at the stadium

the Orbit and the Olympic Stadium

the Orbit, Stadium and wild flowers

a poem by Lemn Sissay

the Olympic Rings, London

the Velodrome, Olympic Park

the Coca Cola Beat Box

the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, London

the Olympic Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London

the Houses of Parliament, London

Nelson's Column, London

the statue of King Charles I, London

a London Bus and Duck tour

Buckingham Palace, London

tulips outside Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria statue

the gates of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London

the monument to the Queen Mother

Admiralty Arch, London

Whitehall, London

the monument to the Women of World War II

the London Eye

the London Eye

the London Eye

a shadow of the London Eye on the Thames

Charing Cross station

the Shard under construction

the Houses of Parliament

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge opening up

the Sherlock Holmes statue

Dr Samuel Johnson

St Pancras Station

the BT Tower, London

Michael Landy's Break Down

Michael Landy's Break Down (2)

flowers for Princess Diana

Buckingham Palace with tributes to Diana

St Paul's Cathedral

The Sultan's Elephant in London

the girl in The Sultan's Elephant

Millenium Mills, London

Abbey Road sign, London

The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall

accidental street art

papers windmills in Hyde Park

the British Museum

the pillars of the British Museum

the stained glass window from Dark Side of the Moon

the Moon

book bloc shields

'Change Your Life' slogan

Lego computer sculpture

The Box, a Lego sculpture

a large blue Lego face

yellow Lego bricks

a stairway Lego sculpture

Disintegration, a Lego sculpture

a yellow Lego skull

Cracked, a Lego sculpture

One Direction in Lego

a cloud made of Lego

random multicoloured Lego pieces

a Speak & Spell

the LinnDrum

the Tower Poppies

a Raspberry Pi at the Science Museum

the Oramics Machine

'Do One Thing Well'

memorial to self-sacrifice

a stone lion on a tourist bus

the O2 arena

the Thames Barrier

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