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Stock photos of Los Angeles, USA

In 2002, I visited Los Angeles for a conference and took the opportunity to visit Hollywood, including the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Universal Studios park. I had a great time exploring the glitzy home of cinema, including taking a tour of movie locations, helping Doc Brown with his latest adventure, and sitting in Captain Picard's seat on the Enterprise. I shot these photos on film and used a negative scanner to prepare them for uploading here.

If you'd like to download, embed or license any of these pictures, please contact me first. Feel free to ask me too if you're looking for more high quality photos of Los Angeles, USA. I have lots of great photos in my stock picture library that aren't online.

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Stan Laurel's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

street performers in Hollywood

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Arnold Schwarzenegger's handprint

The Hollywood Entertainment Museum

the Universal Studios backlot

the Back to the Future De Lorean

Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios

a pavement quotation

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