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Around the world in 80 clicks

As well as my rock and pop concert photography, I enjoy travel photography, and you can see some of my work in this area here.

Clicking all over the world

Google Maps thumbnail Use my interactive travel photography map to browse my travel photography all over the world. It includes many images not featured elsewhere on this site, and gives you the opportunity to zoom in to see maps or satellite photographs of the area where photos were taken.

It's built using the Google Maps API and should work with most standard browsers.

South Africa Safari

Giraffes screenshot Here's a collection of animal photographs from my trip to South Africa in 2005, mostly taken in the Kruger National Park. It includes photos of giraffes, lions, hippos, impalas, elephants, zebras and penguins at Robben Island.

I made the Flash animations and interface for a course I studied in November 2005.


Hong Kong
Big Ben in London
Niagara Falls
Hong Kong
New York
New York
Sydney Opera House
The Hemispheric, Valencia
South Africa safari photos
South Africa

The Sultan's Elephant in London

In May 2006, The Sultan's Elephant came to London. It's a giant puppet show, telling the story of a girl who befriends an elephant. The tale unfolded over several days as the puppets took to the streets of London. I spent a Saturday chasing the 40 foot mechanical elephant around London with my camera. See the photos.

London panorama

top of the BT Tower The BT Tower, formerly known as The London Telecom Tower and The Post Office Tower, is now closed to the public. But on 11 March 2004, I had a chance to go to the top as part of a press event organised by BT. I took a set of photos showing the complete view from the top of the tower. You can admire the view I had by visiting my Panorama of photographs taken at the top of the London BT Tower .


Screenshot of MisfitLike puzzles? Try Misfit. An image is split into nine slices which slide around a frame. Your challenge is to unscramble the image by moving the tiles around. You can use the click on pieces to move them or use the number keypad (IE only). There are two puzzles - a photo of a mask in Singapore and a photo of a jumble of action men.

If you have the Nintendo DS Browser, you can play Misfit customised for the Nintendo DS.


Screnshot of PairsHow good is your memory? This game will put it to the test with a 36 card game of Pairs. When you flip over two cards with the same design, they disappear. If they're not the same, you'll have to just remember where they are for when you see their partners elsewhere on the table. The aim is to get rid of all the cards by pairing them up. This game opens in a new window.

Copyrights and licensing

These photographs are ©Sean McManus and are provided for your online enjoyment only. There is a page of information if you're thinking about licensing these photos for use in print, on your website or on other products.

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