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Raspberry Pi For Dummies

Book cover: Raspberry Pi For Dummies Raspberry Pi For Dummies shows you how to get the best from your Raspberry Pi, whether you have a Model A, Model B, Model B+ or Raspberry Pi 2. You will learn how to set it up, including connecting it up, downloading and installing its software and configuring its settings. You'll be shown how the desktop environment and the Linux command line can be used to manage your Pi and its files. You'll learn how to browse the web, download and use free productivity software, edit images and play music and video.

In a series of creative projects, you'll discover how to create games in the child-friendly Scratch programming language, program in Python, code music using Sonic Pi*, build a maze maker program in Minecraft*, and make electronic games that are controlled by your Raspberry Pi. The book also includes inspiring projects, recommended software, troubleshooting tips and an introduction to RISC OS*, an alternative operating system to Linux.

The book assumes no prior knowledge of electronics, Linux or similar computers, so it's perfect for beginners to computer science. We do assume, however, that you've used a Windows or Mac computer before to do things like browse the web and write letters. As you would expect, the book is written in the friendly and accessible style that has made the For Dummies series one of the most popular reference book series worldwide.

*New in the second edition, published November 2014! This edition came out before the Raspberry Pi 2, but the content still applies to the Pi 2.

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Watch the video introduction to Raspberry Pi For Dummies

The book in brief

Book Title Raspberry Pi For Dummies
Book Authors Sean McManus and Mike Cook
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 978-1118904916
Pages 384

Download two chapters

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Reviews of Raspberry Pi For Dummies

The free monthly publication The Magpi published a great review of the book in issue 13, shown below. We're also very grateful for the support of The Raspberry Pi Foundation, which wrote a nice blog post about the book on here.

scanned review from The MagPi magazine

Watch the videos

Here's a video showing my Minecraft Maze project that features in the second edition of the book.

Here are Mike's videos, showcasing two electronics projects that the book shows you how to make.

Play the Scratch game

Raspberry Pi For Dummies teaches you how to program, first using the highly visual Scratch programming language, and then using Python. Below you can play the Scratch game you'll learn how to make. To play the game, click the green flag. The game starts straight away: use the cursor keys to steer and the spacebar to fire.

Sorry - this requires Flash, and does not work in Internet Explorer. This is purely for demo purposes. You don't need Flash to use Scratch on your Raspberry Pi.

If you'd like to learn more about Scratch, see my book Scratch Programming in Easy Steps.

Download the example files

You can download the example files from the book in a zip file here.

Download a free case for your Raspberry Pi

You can download a free Raspberry Pi For Dummies case to protect your Raspberry Pi Model B or Model A (PDF). Just download the PDF and print it out, cut it out and then glue it together. It includes holes for the sockets and ports on your Raspberry Pi, and you can additionally cut into it to accommodate any GPIO connectors you're using.

The case design was created by the For Dummies team at Wiley, based on the original template by Ian McPhee, who kindly gave us permission to do this.

This case was made for the original Model B, so you may need to make modifications for the Model B+ or Model A.

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We'll be posting Raspberry Pi, tips, news and updates there from time to time.

About the authors

Raspberry Pi For Dummies is co-written by Sean McManus and Mike Cook.

Sean McManus is also the author of iPad for the Older and Wiser (a #1 Amazon bestselling hardware book), Web Design in Easy Steps (a #1 Amazon bestseller in web design), and Microsoft Office for the Older and Wiser. He has written for a wide range of business and technology magazines and learned to program in the 1980s on an Amstrad CPC 464.

Mike Cook is an electronics expert with a particular interest in micro controller/computer applications. He has worked as hardware team leader at Pace Micro Technology, and was technical editor of The Micro User and contributing editor to Acorn User magazines.

Feedback and updates

I'll post updates on the book here. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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