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27 February 2006

Society of Authors talk notes

Thank you for attending my talk 'Promoting yourself as a writer online'. I hope you found it useful. Here are links to the sites I spoke about in my talk, together with some of the notes from the slides.

Free book chapters and links to buy


Example author websites

A good example that wasn't mentioned in the talk, which belongs to an author who emailed me about the talk:

Ten reasons to get your own author website

  1. Reach out to new readers
  2. Raise awareness of your book
  3. Get the retail margin
  4. Make money off adverts (see below)
  5. Merchandising and extras: ebooks, podcasts, mousemats, mugs etc
  6. Attract writing commissions
  7. Let readers try before they buy
  8. Get reader feedback
  9. Build a mailing list
  10. Keep control

Shopping list

What to buy Why buy it? Cost
Internet Service Provider (includes email) To let you access the internet 12 per month (dialup) or
25 per month (broadband)
Domain name So people can find where your website is stored 1 per month
Web hosting
(might include domain name)
So people can get the text and pictures on your website 10 per month
Tea Helps concentration 1 per month
Biscuits Helps concentration 1 per month
24 per month (dialup) or
38 per month (broadband)

Site design

Promotion links

Making money from your website

Website recipe

Further reading

Fun and games

Here are some fun online experiences I've created

Thanks and credits