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Articles, photos and games

This website includes a selection of my published work, as well as many articles, games and tutorials created just for this site.

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Computer keyboard

Writing and journalism advice

Discover how to write a novel, comedy, a For Dummies book and more. Experience a day training for hostile environments. Try my proofreading test too!

Sean in costume for Olympic Opening Ceremony

Among those dark satanic mills

I was one of 7,500 volunteers who took part in the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Find out how the show came together.

Painting by Goya

Webdesign tutorials, tips and tools

What happened when Goya learned Javascript? How can you make an anaglyph 3D effect using CSS? How can you boost your sales with affiliate marketing? Find out here.

Science and technology articles

See how Brian Eno got 77 million paintings onto a DVD, learn how stereograms work, find out how Ironbridge was built, and read my history of the internet.


Music journalism

Join me for a trip to Mike Oldfield's tubular world, read my interview with They Might Be Giants, see Depeche Mode's synths, and ponder: Is there a future for the music industry?

Howard Jones

Promoting your music online

Learn how to sell your music on iTunes and Amazon MP3, find where else you can sell your music online, and read my 15 tips for music promotion.

Free gifts


Download free book chapters and more

Why not take a free gift with you today? You can download free chapters from many of my books, a free case for your Raspberry Pi, and more.



Listen to my music

Hear some of the music I've written and recorded.


Space Swarm arcade game

Play my Scratch and Javascript games

Visit my Scratch arcade, or try playing mood surfing game Wild Mood Swings, Javascript Hangman, Pairs, Misfit or one of my other games. You can also chat to a virtual Sean.
Amstrad CPC

Download my Amstrad CPC games

My Amstrad games were published in Amstrad Action and Amstrad Computer User. You can download my Amstrad games, learn how to use an Amstrad emulator, and read my book about BASIC programming.
Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS site

I made a small website for the Nintendo DS browser, including versions of Hangman and Misfit optimised for it.


Sydney Opera House

Travel photography

This gallery is being relaunched in 2014 with hundreds of new photos. New galleries are being uploaded throughout the year, starting in April, with photos from all over the world, including Australia, Japan, USA, Spain, France and Germany.
Computer keyboard

Rock and pop concert photography

My concert photographs have appeared in Making Music magazine. Bands I've photographed include Oasis, Radiohead, My Life Story, Slash and T'Pau.



Watch my videos

Watch a short film I scripted, and promotional videos for my Raspberry Pi and iPad books.



Browse my links

Find links related to book projects and some of my other interests.