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Google Glass review

I went along to the UK launch showcase for Google Glass, Google's new wearable computer. Discover what Google Glass is like to use, and what it can do. If you're a developer, you might also be interested in my blog post about developing Google Glass apps.

Sean wearing Google Glass

77 Million Paintings Review

Screengrab of 77 Million PaintingsBrian Eno's latest project is a DVD-based software package that layers and combines hand-made slides to generate 77 Million Paintings. Accompanied by a generative music soundtrack, the package creates ambient art that is unique each time it is run.

Read the full review of '77 Million Paintings' by Brian Eno.

Game of life

Screenshot of life Conway's game of Life is a simulated ecosystem. You can assign cells to a grid and watch as they evolve. If they're too crowded, they'll die. If they're lonely, they'll die too. Only the fittest and most comfortable survive. It's possible to make communities that move across the screen as well as a range of blossoming patterns. I've created a version you can experiment with in your browser without needing any special downloads.

Stareway to Heaven

Pic from stereograms explanation Stereograms might look like frozen television interference, but when the eyes relax on them and refocus as if looking through the page, a 3D image emerges. Discover how stereograms work here. I'll explain how they work, and using some simple text examples, show you how you can make your own.

Secrets of the past: How Ironbridge was built

Detail of computer model of IronbridgeEnglish Heritage has compiled a 3D computer model of Ironbridge, an icon of the industrial revolution and the first large-scale cast-iron structure. While the aim was to help with maintenance, the project also revealed how the bridge was built in the first place. Read how the 3D CAD model of Iron Bridge revealed its past.

Is there anybody out there?

Cartoon of aliens looking over computer monitor You can download a free screensaver that will process telescope data to help scan the skies for signs of intelligent life. Read this interview with the creator of seti@home to discover how it works and how you can take part. The article was written in 1999 and the system is becoming more and more popular.

49 Ways to reduce waste

Avoid creating rubbish using these practical tips and recycling suggestions from Friends of the Earth.

A short history of the internet

Here's a timeline of some of the significant milestones in the internet's history, starting in 1969 and bringing us up to 2004.

Biometrics: A helping hand for security?

Learn how techniques like fingerprint recognition are being used to secure websites. I's not about what you know (passwords) or what you possess (smartcards). This time, the security depends on who you are. This article appeared in Business 2.0 (UK).

As you like it: Mass customisation

Thanks to the internet, mass customisation is becoming viable. Machines can now automatically tailor CDs, books, clothing and more to your individual needs. Learn more about the future of online shopping here.

In the best possible taste: Sending smells over the internet

Learn how Trisenx aims to send smells, tastes, textures and even weather over the internet. This article appeared in Personal Computer World.