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Robot from the bookThe How to Code Series

By Max Wainewright

Book cover: Coding for KidsI was the technical consultant on the How to Code series of books by Max Wainewright, which introduces young readers to some of the basic concepts of programming and coding. My role was to check the content for accuracy after the book had been laid out. The series is published by QED, who also published Super Skills: How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons.

Robot from the bookThe How to Code series covers Logo, Scratch, Python and web design, and often explores the same concepts using different languages to help reinforce the learning.

Book 1 uses Logo and Scratch to draw on the screen, and covers topics such as solving problems and giving the computer instructions. The Scratch content also introduces keyboard control.

Book 2 looks at loops in Logo and Scratch, and shows readers how to add sound effects and use variables to keep score.

Book 3 covers the use of conditional statements (selection) to make decisions on what the program should do, and gives readers their first taste of Python. The Python content includes loops, graphics and randomisation.

The fourth book in the How to Code series covers web design, specifically HTML and Javascript.

The series is accompanied by a book for parents and teachers that provides additional guidance on the other four books, page by page, including tips for how to extend the learning, and deeper explanations of what's going on.

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