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Super Skills: How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons

By Sean McManus

Book cover: Superskills - How to code in 10 easy lessons Learn how to code with this great new book, which guides you through 10 easy lessons to build up your coding skills. The skills included here are important for many different programming languages.

As you read the book, you'll build several Scratch games that you can customise, including a quiz game and a platform game where you have to dodge the bugs, leap the gaps and time your jumps to reach the top of the screen.

You'll finish up by making a simple website, learning HTML and CSS, so you can share your hobbies and games.

These are the Super Skills you'll learn as you become a coder:

The book features full colour illustrations throughout by Venitia Dean, some of which are shown on this page.

Note that because this book uses the new features in Scratch 2.0 (including cloning sprites and More Blocks), some of the games won't run using Scratch 1.4, including on the Raspberry Pi.

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The book includes the following games and code examples.

Where available, click a link below to download the code or to try the game. For the Scratch games, you'll be taken to the Scratch website in a new window. This web page will stay open in this window.

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