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Stock photos of San Francisco, USA

I've visited San Francisco twice, and I love the place. When the weather is clear, you can hire a bike and cycle along the front of the bay and across the Golden Gate Bridge, catching the ferry back. As well as iconic tourist destinations such as Alcatraz, the cable cars and the bridges, San Francisco houses an impressive museum of coin operated amusements, a huge Chinatown, and striking architecture. Here are my photos and tips for visiting San Francisco.

If you'd like to download, embed or license any of these pictures, please contact me first. Feel free to ask me too if you're looking for more high quality photos of San Francisco, USA. I have lots of great photos in my stock picture library that aren't online.

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sea lions at Pier 39, San Francisco

a sea lion on Pier 39 in San Francisco

the Fisherman's Wharf sign

dancing puppets at the Musee Mechanique

the Olympics pinball machine from the Musee Mechanique

Uncle Sam amusement machine in San Francisco

a souvenir shop in San Francisco

an anniversary plaque at Pier 45, San Francisco

the SS Jeremiah O'Brien

Photo Spot in San Francisco

the statue of Phillip Burton, San Francisco

the Wave Organ, San Francisco

the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

the rotunda of the Palace of Fine Arts

a beach and the Golden Gate Bridge

the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

the Golden Gate Bridge from the shore

the Golden Gate Bridge: international orange

Hopper's Hands at the Golden Gate Bridge

the ironwork on the Golden Gate Bridge

beams on the Golden Gate Bridge

beams on the Golden Gate Bridge

a tower and cables on the Golden Gate Bridge

cables on the Golden Gate Bridge

the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge

a cable fixture on the Golden Gate Bridge

an emergency telephone on the Golden Gate Bridge

a "free ice cream for military personnel" sign

the Moon Festival, San Francisco

a dragon dance, San Francisco

dragon dancers in San Francisco

masks in San Francisco

the fortune cookie factory, San Francisco

Chinese lanterns in Chinatown, San Francisco

Coit Tower, San Francisco

the mural inside Coit Tower

the top of Coit Tower

the view from Coit Tower

Lombard Street, San Francisco

a cable car in San Francisco

Columbus Tower, San Francisco

the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Cupid's Span, San Francisco

the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

Defenestration by Brian Goggin, seen from below

Defenestration by Brian Goggin, seen from the front

Display Stand with Brains

pavement philosophy

Cathedral of Saint Mary

stained glass inside the Cathedral of Saint Mary, San Francisco

the ceiling of the Cathedral of Saint Mary

the Peace Pagoda, San Francisco

the Japan Center, San Francisco

San Francisco seen from the bay

a boat trip in San Francisco

Alcatraz Island in the bay

the Alcatraz Island lighthouse

Alcatraz Island

the water tower at Alcatraz

a Stop sign at Alcatraz

a cell at Alcatraz

the cell block at Alcatraz

the view from Alcatraz

a calendar at Alcatraz

a real Google Maps icon in San Francisco

Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

a peace sign in the Golden Gate Park

a blue morpho butterfly

the Grace Cathedral doors

the Grace Cathedral labyrinth

the Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco

Flat Eric at the Levi Strauss Museum, San Francisco

United States Customhouse, San Francisco

solar power generator in San Francisco

an upside down bus

Devo's handprints in San Francisco

AT&T Park, San Francisco

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